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The Maiden Voyage

#1 Canton KOA Holiday, 13785 State Hwy 19, Canton, TX 75103

This is the maiden voyage of Airstream 7078. I decided it would be a good idea to take it somewhere close to home, and on a flat concrete pad with full hook-ups to test everything out, so here we are at KOA in Canton, TX.

I planned our arrival in the early evening to avoid setting up in the dark. The site was an easy pull-through, so I didn't have to worry about backing it into a spot. But hooking things up... that was a different story. Coming from a 1977 AS to a 1986 Airstream, things are certainly different. While the guy who sold it gave a very thorough walkthrough, a lot of that information was a bit of blur.

“Do you need some help?”

I had printed out a list from the internet of someone's list of all of the things to do for set up. I managed some of it... chock wheels, unhook truck, turn on propane. However, from the outside it must have been apparent I was struggling. As I'm standing at the back of the AS, I hear a voice from the next site over, "Do you need some help?"

Tom to the rescue

Our neighbors were a retired couple who had been casually watching us. Tom introduced himself and asked if he could help. I told him it was our first trip in our new-to-us Airstream. While I thought I could do it all myself, it was clear that he was happy to jump in and guide us through. And I let him do just that! He helped us get water, electric, and sewer hooked up and showed me how to light the water heater.

Within no time we were all set up and settled in for the evening. We made a simple dinner and poked around the interior deciding where things should live. I slept well that night.

In our old Airstream, the kids were sleeping up front on the fold out couch. That meant I couldn't have coffee at a table until they were up. In this Airstream, they were tucked in bunkbeds in the middle. I woke up, made coffee, and sat at the dinette table enjoying the peace and quiet. I made breakfast and woke the kids. We ate at a table outside on that lovely morning. I was so happy! It just felt right.

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