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Winding down

It's a cool, quiet night in November. I'm at Lake Hawkins RV Park in East Texas sitting inside my Airstream with the door open, and I can hear crickets singing. Somewhere in the distance, a train rumbles by. Diva, my Ibizan Hound, is snoozing at my feet. We were supposed to go to a dog show this weekend, but instead decided to camp... alone.

It's been a busy year, and this mama needed a break.

This is the 13th trip in the Airstream since May. Mostly the kids and I have been traveling to dog shows. But we did squeeze in a family vacation to Florida. All in all, we've been to Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Missouri, and, of course, Texas.

But today, it's just me and Diva. This is a lovely campground with lots of trees and the lake nearby. It's very quiet. We have walked through the woods and along the lake.

There is another vintage Airstream here. The owner was kind enough to show me how to correctly set up my awnings. Although I have the original owner's manual from Zip Dee, I'm much better when someone shows me how it's done.

I'll spend the rest of my time here poking around the Airstream and making plans for some updates. This is my happy place.

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